I’m back

Well, on Wednesday, July 2nd, I went over to Costco to look at TVs for my mom.  She really likes the HD LCDs we have and figured it was time for her to make a change.  I decided to go look.  It was only moderately hot here.  But, hot.  And real cold in the Costco.  I felt funny the minute I went into the store.  But, I looked at the TVs and then found some shirts that looked to be a good deal.  Called my wife to tell her.  While talking to her, I felt massively faint.  She told me to sit down.  RIGHT.  Well, gravity took care of it all for me.  I fell completely backwards right on my head.  Cracked my skull and split the main vein back there.  This caused an epidural hematoma, emergency surgery, a 5 day stay in the hospital and now a slow recovery (seems the brain doesn’t like to de-swell quickly).  No brain damage (good news.)  But, I do have staples all down the back of my head.  So, my attractiveness to the ladies has just been drastically reduced.

I was telling a friend that I was for some reason down and depressed.  She thinks that’s that stupidest thing she’s ever heard me say.  That’s not me.  She’s right.  I’ll get better there.  Just being honest.