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Planning 1 Year in Advance

Next month, Rena and I will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary.  Yep, that’s right the following year is a HUGE milestone.  Sure, it seems as though we got married then really young.  Well, we did. Where should we go?  I’ve...

Pictures from Michael’s Graduation from Alpharetta High School

Michael graduated from Alpharetta High School on 5/23/2014 in a ceremony at the Verizon Amphitheater in Alpharetta, GA.
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My Favorite Watch

Americans in general don’t get super excited about watches.  With our phones providing us exact time, most just don’t see the need for a single purpose piece of jewelry.  And a few do see them as fantastic jewelry, proof they...
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Let’s get immigration rules and regulations right!

12 Million Plus Illegal Aliens The US House of Representatives are now deep in debate over how to reform the United States immigration laws and processes.  We do have massive problems with immigration our country.  We have between 12MM and...
Chris' Graduation from GSU

Pictures from Chris’ Graduation from Georgia Southern University

5/11/2013 in Statesboro Georgia

Still Going Strong

Right now I’m writing this post on my “Mid 2007″ Mac Mini with a Core 2 Duo processor. This Mac Mini sits in an armoire desk located in our living room and is used daily. I purchased this Mac in...
Business Radio X

Salestrakr on High Velocity Radio

          I recently joined Mathew May with Cherry Bekaert and Holland on High Velocity Radio, a show of Business Radio X.  Have a listen. January 7, 2013
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The Charter School Amendment in Georgia

We have a very important election coming tomorrow.  We will vote for the next president of the United States.  The state of Georgia also has important choices on its ballot.  One of those choices concerns the addition of an amendment...

I’ll Miss You Aunt Betty

This week, my Aunt Betty passed away.  Her funeral will be on Monday in Leesburg, Florida and I will be there.  This really represents a change in my family.  The Youngblood children born to Marion Jackson Youngblood and Mary Alice...