A Great Picture Book


My oldest son, Chris, is about to graduate from high school.  My wife and and I really want to leave him with as many memories about home as possible.  One of the cool things we've done is produce a picture book for him.  A real book!  Bound and with a dust cover.  These are now SO easy to design and have bound.  I used a service called Blurb.  They provide book designing software at no charge (OS X and WIndows) called BookSmart.  When you're done, you merely upload the book and then order it.  You can order hardback and softback.  With a dust jacket or not.  Premium paper or not.  Then you can make the book public or not.  And then of course share it with family or friends who may want to buy a copy.  Great stuff!

Go look at my book about Chris!


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