A Windfall


Hard to know how to categorize this post.  Since it involves receiving a travel item from Delta Airlines, I’ve put it in the Travel category.

470_3510_3After my trip to the Philippines the week before Christmas, I was granted a special status on Delta.  Million Miler! Great, I’m Silver Medallion for life (Gold again for 2007) and also have quite a few miles for a great family vacation.  But, even better!  Delta sent me an email the week before last letting me know I could choose a gift for achieving Million Miler status.  Well, these weren’t lame gifts.  These were top rate Hartmann suitcases.  I ordered a 22″ belt leather roller case.  Awesome.  A verified $895.00 case.  Well, I’m sure going to keep flying Delta.  I hope though they don’t go broke giving these out.

OK, this isn’t high tech.  But, I’ll be using it as I ply my wares (software) across the globe.

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