Free Hao Wu

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At work yesterday, I found out that one of our former employees is sitting in a Chinese prison and has been there for 1 month.  His crime, meeting with a church congregation that isn’t officially recognized by the Chinese government.

The filmaker’s name is Hao Wu.  He lived in the U.S. from 1992 and 2004.  He chucked it all and went back home to make films about his homeland.  It seems the Chinese authorities see him as dangerous.  And his act of meeting with a non-communist approved church was a no-no.  Please go here and read about him:  Then call your congressman and ask that they help in this matter.  From what I’ve heard from my co-workers, this guy is great.  A hard worker,  nice guy and really interested in exposing what shouldn’t be.  But not a jerk.  And now he needs our help.  If we Americans believe in free speech, we should stand with Hao.  And if we Christians believe in freedom of worship, let’s stand with him and pray for his safe release.

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