Information Syndication


Many of my friends keep up to date on my personal status.  Some see it on Facebook, some see it on this blog, some see it where I updated it.  I update my status via Twitter.  I do this on the web, via a Mac app called Twitterific or via Twitterberry on my Blackberry.  I use all of these to create Twitter posts.  These in turn are made available to other web properties via “Really Simple Syndication” or RSS.  That RSS feed is then inserted into this blog.  Further, my Twitter posts are repurposed into my Facebook profile as a status update.

If that’s not enough, this post will show as a post in my Facebook profile.  And when I move pictures to my smugmug site, those pictures show as a feed here in this site.
Further, this post is automatically posted to blog aggregation sites and even makes it to places like Plaxo (as does Twitter posts.)  So, be careful what you say out there.

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