It’s been a while, but great is great


OK, I’ve talked about these guys before.  Pandora! @  I love this service.  I have been sitting here at one of my Mac Minis which has a nice 2.1 Sony speaker system plugged into it.  I have been streaming my “John Mayer” channel.  Surprises at ever turn.  Good ones.  You see, I’ve tuned this channel.  I started the channel with an artist and the service delivered music based on a “music DNA” series of traits.  And then I merely informed the service what songs I like and don’t like.  Before long, I’ve got perfection.  Go try it.  But, if you’re outside the U.S., you can’t.  This stinks.  The world needs to enjoy this.  Our recording industry just doesn’t have the expertise to ensure the right artists are remunerated for their efforts.  So, my buddies in the UK, Germany, Philippines and other places don’t get in on the action.  Friends abroad, when you’re here, go to Pandora, and enjoy.  Sorry for our inability to figure it out.  Got any ideas?


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