OK, this is cool!


I downloaded yesterday the draft bill of the ‘‘Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008’’.  All the news sites had it posted the moment Congress posted it here:  http://www.house.gov/apps/list/press/financialsvcs_dem/ayo08c04_xml.pdf.  Sure, secrets and national security items cannot be made available to all, but this is something that should be viewed by all and analyzed heavily to ensure that no wasteful inclusions are present.  This bill should be not designed to enhance "green" initiatives or improve home ownership stats.  It’s not here to punish STUPID bankers.  I don’t even care to punish STUPID and GREEDY and MARXIST Democrats who lowered lending standards in the 90’s and ushered in financial instability.  At this point, we just need to fix the situation, change the rules and move on towards economic growth.

Anyway, I liked being able to see this right as it was being published.  I’ve actually read it and am writing my congressman today.

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