Why so busy?


Many wonder what I’ve been up to given how busy I’ve been since last year.  Well, lately, I’ve been helping my mom get through surgery and recovery.  I’ve also though been involved in a number of business and tech efforts.

  1. FuelTrust.  I’m head of product for FuelTrust.  FuelTrust provides transparency in the movement of fuels (today, maritime bunker fuel) around the globe.  www.fueltrust.io
  2. BlinkSky.  I do MANY things at BlinkSky.  BlinSky provides a stored value platform for operators and businesses.  In simpler terms, we enable digital gift cards globally and have a new digital point of sale offering.  www.blinksky.com
  3. SymTrain.  I am a product management consultant at SymTrain.  SymTrain offers a simulation training platform.  www.symtrain.com.
  4. Atlanta Photography Group.  I completely rebuilt their site last year and still support them.  www.atlantaphotographygroup.org

It’s good to be needed!

Tags: consulting, product

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