Another Mac in the Family


I bought a MacBook Pro 15″ earlier this year.  Great machine.  But, even the greatest can have problems.  Seems that since June or so, the keyboard and trackpad would quit responding.  I tried everything.  Archive and install, erase and install.  Nope.  I could most of the time close the lid, wait and reopen and they’d be back.  Only to out again.  Sometimes I’d remove the power supply, shutdown the machine (using my bluetooth Might Mouse) and then remove the battery.  Many times that would fix it for hours.  Then, out again.

So, I have a full 3 year warranty and thus I sent it back for repair.  BUT, I need a machine.  I gave my Powerbook G4 to my son.  I can’t go without a machine.  I can do nothing without one.  So, I used Time Machine and backed up my MacBook Pro before shipping it.  I then went to the Apple store here in Alpharetta and bought a new MacBook (13″).  I then attached it to the Time Machine backup drive and instantly, I had my old machine resident in the new machine (minus the trackpad/keyboard problem).  I shipped the MacBook Pro on Monday, it arrived on Tuesday and was fixed today.  It should be back here by Friday.  So, luckily, I have a great back up now at all times.

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