How do I like my iPhone?


That’s easy.  A whole lot.  I’ve had it now for 2 months.  I’m not letting go of my Blackberry on T-Mobile though.  I pay $50 per month there for unlimited talk minutes, $20 for unlimited data, $5 for 400 text messages and $10 for hotspots.  Not a bad deal.  But, I really like the iPhone.  What are some of the great ways to use it:

  • Definitely with my Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2.  Take it everywhere

  • With my dock (above) listening to Pandora!  Too bad folks outside the US don’t get Pandora.
  • With my dock listening to WSB Radio.  Who needs airwaves.
  • Tweetdeck and Twitterific
  • Skype, for chatting and phoning (Wifi only)
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Bible (great to use at church)
  • NetNewsWire for my favorite RSS feeds
  • Voice search using the Google App
  • Facebook
  • Email for all my accounts
  • Almost forgot, talking on the phone.  Except that AT&T service is expensive so I rely on T-Mobile and my Blackberry for talking
  • Watching video podcasts


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