I’ve Got a Time Machine


Actually, I have many Time Machines.  Time Machine is a feature of Mac OS X starting with Leopard (10.5). For those not familiar with versioning for MacOS, OS X (or 10) is the current OS.  The current “dot” release is 6, also called Snow Leopard (10.6.)

That’s the boring part.  The great part is how absolutely mind saving Time Machine is.  Today, I noticed one of my email inboxes in Apple Mail was empty.  All the mail was gone.  I don’t know what happened.  I don’t believe I deleted anything.  Luckily, email back to June 23 was sitting in the “Trash” folder.  I just dragged that back into my inbox.  BUT, I had lots of other email in that inbox.  Not to cry, I have Time Machine.

Once or twice per week, I merely plug a 1TB Western Digital drive into a USB slot in my Macbook Pro.  That’s it. It performs an incremental backup of my machine.  All files, except the operating system, are backed up.  If I have any problems, from an accidental data loss to a crash, I can recover to exactly that last backup.

So, I brought up Apple Mail, then brought up Time Machine.  It then showed me a view of Mail from today backwards.  I went back to Tuesday the 20th (today is the 22nd), when the mail was there, and when I backed-up last, and clicked on “recover” for just that folder in that account.  That was it.  Time Machine placed all that email in a recovered folder on my Apple Mail folder list.  I dragged those emails over to their inbox.  DONE.  Windows 7 is OK.  But, it just can’t compete with OS X.

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