Rocketboom to Tivo


Hey, do you listen to or watch podcasts?  Most don’t.  They think podcasts are some strange new media type that only the most geeky could enjoy.  In fact, there are nothing more than .mp3, acc, .mov or .wmv files (or any other audio or video files) that can be syndicated into a reader.  The name podcast came from the automation of putting audio files on iPods to listen to at some later time (or place.)  Pretty soon, people deliberately recorded audio "shows" for use on iPods (as opposed to capturing a show originally destined for radio or TV, converting it to a PC/Mac format and then pushing it down.)  With really simple syndication (RSS), people can push their files to a server, associate them with an RSS feed, and then have their audience pull that feed into iTunes (which syncs to an iPod).  Heck, Apple can now mask the actual location of your podcast and instead show an Apple/iTunes location, reachable directly from iTunes.  Once in iTunes, you can go to the podcast section, find a show and then subscribe.  iTunes will keep the subscription up to date and when you doc your iPod, the show goes right over.  If you have a new video iPod, even video podcasts (vodcasts) will be moved over.

And now the world has gotten even more interesting.  A vodcast called Rocketboom has partnered with Tivo and now allows viewers of their daily show to subscribe to the show via Tivo (and as well in iTunes and other podcast/RSS readers.)  So, I no longer have to go to iTunes/iPod to see this show.  Nor do I have to go to the web.  I can merely pull up my Tivo remote, scroll to the show and watch it.  Just think, a few silly young adults tape their own "show" in a NYC apartment with only a few computers, a simple camera and some inexpensive software applications, put it all together daily, put it on a server and make the file available via web and iTunes and now have Tivo pushing it to users at their home.  And now their getting $40K for 1 week of advertising.  Hollywood’s got to be scared!

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