Streaming Netflix


We’ve had a Netflix account for a while now.  I forget what we pay.  But, we receive DVDs in the mail, watch them, send them back and then others arrive.  We logon to the Netflix site and constantly keep a list of desired movies up to date.

In 2007, Netflix began to allow subscribers to stream movies direct to the PC.  Unfortunately for me, PC means Windows.  And I have Macs.  Well, OK.  My MacBook Pro has a Boot Camp partition that runs Vista. But, that partition is for testing only.

Well, in 2008, Netflix allowed XBox 360 owners to stream movies via their consoles (if you have an XBox LIVE Gold membership).  And FINALLY at the end of the year, Netflix allowed Macs to stream movies.  On the PC, streaming works with IE and Firefox (via Microsoft Siliverlight.)  On the Mac, streaming works with Firefox and Safari.  See the graphic to the right.  The quality is outstanding on my Mac.  And the player allows for full screen.  The quality is also good on our Xbox 360 (to a Vizio 37″ 1080i LCD TV.)

I just watched a 9/11 conspiracy documentary yesterday.  A great slam documentary on Enron.  There are over 15,000 titles.  TV?  DVR?  TiVo?  What are those?  They are so 2008!

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