Video Everywhere


Video is so easy to manage nowadays.  Not too long ago, my Sony MiniDV camera died.  It was a TVR-33.  It did well for some time.  Firewire to my Mac.  iMovie would bring the videos right in.  But, it’s dead now.  So, back in the fall I bought a new camera.  Another Sony.  The HDR-HC3.  It delivers 1080P HD video though still on a tape (hard drive cameras and Macs still have some problems).  And with the new version of iMovie found in iLife 08, video is so simple.  I recorded my son Chris last night at the Alpharetta High 2008 Talent Show.  I brought the camera home, attached it to my Mac Mini (Intel).  It read the video right in, I created a new project with it, then clicked on "Share wtih YouTube".  Done, it encoded the video and then uploaded it to my YouTube account.  And now I’ve embedded the video on Friendster and now here!  Wow, anyone can do this now.

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