The New Humorless Net


My last post was a test to see if regular folk would respond to a Rickroll. A link to the Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” video. My blog is scraped onto my Plaxo profile and thus my posts are seen there. I received a couple of comments there, both showing almost disgust and shock that such a “sophomoric” post was there. IT’S A BLOG POST, not a NYT article. A test. An observation. Some humor.

The idea came after a number of my colleagues were using a test application called Backnoise ( during an entrepreneurial event last week in Atlanta. It’s an Ajax based IRC type of application. While we were all mocking the presenters (yes, my buds even mocked me there), someone rickrolled us. I laughed for 30 minutes as did the other guys. IT WAS FUNNY. No porn or dirty words. It was a Rick Astley video. Goofy, puffy, 80’s britpop. Why? Who cares, it was funny. Will YouTube and Fark become bad because they aren’t “serious” enough? I hope not.

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