We Are Launched Now


I have been working on the launch of a product/service for 2 months
now.  Well, it’s ready.  In a very mature beta form.  Salestrakr, at
salestrakr.com, is not ready for delivery.  Salestrakr is a completely
online, Web 2.0, AJAX-based salesforce automation and contact
management application.  It’s very easy to use and automates many of
the tedious tasks required in the PC based contact managers (Goldmine,
ACT!) and the few online services (salesforce.com and Sugar

I co-founded Salestrakr with Paul Freet late last year.  He had a
similar service but needed to rebuild many of the parts of the
application and add new features.  Further, his business model needed
tweaking.  So, here we are.

Please tell all the people you know using salesforce.com (in basic
ways) and as well those client based applications.  We are cheaper,
better and faster.  You get all three!  Oh, and prettier (that’s right,
all four.)

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