What Do I Do With My iPad?

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2 weeks now and I absolutely love it.  This past Friday evening, I started out having a call using Skype (I have a SkypeIn number and a world subscription).  The iPad has speakers and a microphone built in.  I didn’t have to use the headphones.

What else though.  Here goes a partial list:

  • Netflix.  I stream movies to it.
  • Email.  I check mail first thing in the morning with it.  No need to go down and get my laptop.  The iPad sits nice on the bedside table.
  • Facebook.  Sure, the app is an iPhone one.  But, it works well.
  • Tweetdeck.  For Twitter activities on 3 different accounts.
  • Pandora.  A nice new iPad app.
  • iBooks, Apple’s book reader
  • Kindle.  YEP, there’s a soft Kindle app for buying and reading amazon ebooks.
  • Live radio via specific apps for 920WGKA and WSB.  I also have iheartradio and ooTunes apps for many more stations.
  • Kayak, for travel
  • GoToMeeting client
  • Discovery Channel Videos
  • ABC shows
  • Solitaire (who would have thought)

OK, there’s lots more.  It is more than a toy now.  Now quite where I need to live for work.  Better than the iPhone for most internet things.  Even a better phone when at the desk.

I’d recommend this to anyone.

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