Mobile Phone Bill Shock

This past week, I’ve seen a flurry of news reports about how the mobile phone services industry is reacting to a problem before any government action is taken.  On what you ask?  Sticker shock!  It seems that as we (all…
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Google Music

I’ve been testing Google Music for over a month.  Google Music is really different from other music services I use such as Pandora.  Pandora streams you music based on what you indicate you like.  It’s not your music.  You can…
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A few seeks ago Rena and I decided to waste a nice some of money on a trip to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  I would say it was hard earned money.  But, in fact, we used money my father…
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Franklyn S. Youngblood

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I started this post yesterday and did not finish.  I should have.  But, I had spent more than six hours indoors at a hospice on a very nice spring Sunday.  I stopped writing and headed home with the windows down…
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