Running Clothes Alexa Skill

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For the past three years, I’ve been building Alexa Skills for the Amazon Echo and other Alexa enabled devices.  Caroline Dunn, Liz Simpson and myself also formed Alexa Development Group ( to build skills for companies helping them interact with…
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Writing Requirement When Your Project Has Limited Time, Money and Resources

Caroline Dunn and I were fortunate again to be chosen to present at ProductCamp Atlanta (2018).  Our topic was “Writing Requirement When Your Project Has Limited Time, Money and Resources”.  This presentation comes from the turmoil we’ve faced in the…
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It’s Prime Day

It’s shopping spree time at Amazon.  Prime Day is today.  Unfortunately, I don’t really need anything.  And the things I want are expensive and only sold at list price.  But, there are a few inexpensive things I fancy.  Go look!…
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Invited Back!

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Last fall, Caroline Dunn and I had the opportunity to present the world of “Alexa” to Dr. Benn Konsynski‘s Appcology class at Emory University.  We showed first our homemade Raspberry Pi-based Echo.  We then showed our first Skill.  Well, we’re…
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TidyHotel from RoomsDone

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TidyHotel is Launched. A coupe of weeks ago, my latest software effort reached it’s first milestone. We ( launched our first product, TidyHotel. TidyHotel is a mobile application that helps optimize the efforts of hotel housekeepers. I started researching this…
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A Gift or a Lure? Or Both!!!

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Recently published on the SPI blog: I recently posted an article on SPI’s blog describing how Amazon’s Echo makes it drop dead simple to order products and services from Amazon.  The Echo though is also a beautiful, high quality entertainment…
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