OK, no pics yet.  I picked up my new BMW 328i last Thursday.  I drove it around on Friday, a little on the weekend and on Monday of this week.  Then on Tuesday at lunch, BAM.  Hit from behind.  Need a new bumper, probably the reinforcement underneath that, a new trunk lid and they have to bend the trunk hole to the right place (or take out the metal and put in a new piece, seems this is a modular item).  DAMN.  The guy who hit me was in a hurry and just didn’t see me.  He had insurance and the car drives fine.  So, I’ll post pics next week.  But, ther are some great things about this car.  My iPod plays through the stereo (unfortunately, it doesn’t provide an alphabetical directory to get through my many albums and tracks and thus I have to use the stereo control like the nav wheel on the iPod.)  That’s the only new feature in this car.  I did get white paint and chose the aluminum trim instead of wood.

A proper writeup is to come.

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