Silly Placards on Cars


Today I was leaving the club after Rena and I had a good workout (weights and Pilates.)  In the parking lot I saw a new Chevrolet Tahoe.  I miss our 2001 Yukon XL (our son totaled it in February of 2008.)  Looks like I may never drive one again.  I don’t ever want to buy a UAW product again.  I also refuse to help a company owned by our current federal government (legislative and executive branches.)  So, no new Tahoe for me (won’t buy Ford, GM or Chrysler.)  But, I did see something funny on this nice new Tahoe.  It was a hybrid Tahoe.  How did I know?  The big giant green H and the text reading HYBRID.

Do we as car/truck owners need to tell others that our vehicle is “hybrid”?  My 2008 BMW has the company logo along with a placard for the model.  That’s it.

Here are other placards that really bother me and should bother other vehicle owners:

– The “V8” on the Audi A5 SS (doesn’t the SS say fast?)
– The “V6” on the underpowered VW Toureg
– The “V12”, “V8” and “Kompresser” placards found on many Mercedes Benz vehicles.  Damn, you’re Mercedes Benz, not Chevrolet
– The “fuel injection” placards stamped on many US and Japanese cars in the 80’s and 90’s.  Guess people wanted to let others know they didn’t have “no stinkin’ carburetor”.
– The “Hemi” moniker found on a few Dodge models (who cares that the engine uses a hemispherical combustion chamber)
– The “turbo” sticker that went on SO many cars from all manufacturers in the past
– The new “flex fuel” monikers.  Wow, I’m so glad I know that car can accept ethanol, which is available only in a few stations across the US
– Let’s not forget “ABS”.  Ooooo, they have anti-lock brakes!

There are many more.  Please comment and add to the list of dumb things to put on cars.

Maybe BMW should put on my car:

– Bluetooth
– iPod Enabled
– Pleather (yes, I like the leatherette, laugh away)

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