Run Flat Tires


Whoa is me.  I’ve had to endure nice cars for some time.  Back in the early 90’s, I bought my first nice car.  A 1991 Mercedes Benz 300E.  It was nice.  But, maintenance was a bear.  In 1998 I bought an Audi A4 and then in 2000 I bought a new A6 2.7T.  Then I really stepped up and bought a 2001 Porsche Boxter.  OK, OK, enough on the maintenance.  I wanted a car I didn’t have to mess with.  So, in 2006, I bought a BMW 325i.  Great car.  And, it included all maintenance during the warranty period:  4 years, 50,000 miles.  So far so good.  BUT, those run flat tires.  I had the Bridgestone run flats.  I figured this was a good thing.  Supposedly you can put a fist size hole in them and still drive 100 miles.  BUT, nobody told me they got loud at 10,000 miles and ran out of tread at 20,000.  I really hated these tires.  The Ultimate Driving Machine became a pain.

Well, I just bought 4 new Continentals.  1 week later, one hit a nail here in Atlanta and went flat.  Wow, I was able to drive all the way back home.  BUT, these tires cannot be repaired.  I’ll just swap it out.  The Contis come wtih a 12 month road hazard warranty.  NOT.  Tire Rack informed me they would not have new inventory until the 2nd week of January.  This was the 2nd week of December.  OUCH.  Luckily I found 1 tire in Florida and had it shipped up. 

Now, you’re probably saying "put on regular tires and quit complaining".  I’d like to.  But, the BMW suspension is tuned softer for these rigid tires.  No can do.  Oh well, I love the car.  So much so that I’ve ordered another to get here on 1/31/08.  I pick it up at the factory in S.C. and then get to drive on the track for a day (not my car of course.)

Who knows if this technology will ever take over more of the industry.  Seems this world is for the folks like me living on he technology edge.  Let’s see, my car has an iPod (and mini) jack, Bluetooth for integration of my phone, 15,000 to 20,000 mile duration between oil changes, MP3 playing capabilities, a rain sensor on the wipers, a powerful engine but still 30mpg on the highway.  I guess I’ll have to put up with run flats.

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