Doing without great technology


Whew, I’m not sure what I’ll do for the next few days.  A couple of months ago someone bumped the back bumper of my 2006 BMW 325.  I’m very fortunate to have a really good car.  But, you probably think it’s good because it’s a BMW (most people do.)  But, I got it with a stick and "leatherette" (can you say pleather?).  The things I love about the car are its Bluetooth, it’s mileage and it’s push button starter.  Here’s why:

– Bluetooth:  Just get in the car with your paired phone and voila, your stereo becomes your phone.  My Blackberry can be in the trunk and I can use my phone.  And if I use a Motorola RAZR, I can even use the stereo to read the address book on the phone.
– Mileage:  Yesterday I drove back from Lake Oconee (Georgia) to Atlanta and noticed my mileage on the latest tank of gas.  33.6 MPG.  WOW.  With a 215hp engine that purrs like a kitten but goes like a lion, who knew I’d be saving money too.
– Ignition:  It’s great to tell the computer to "start engine".  Just like Jean Luc-Picard telling the Enterprise to "engage".  No more screeching on the starter.  Just push the electronic key and and push start.

OK, it smells good too.  And the stick moves perfectly.  And there’s no need for maintenance for 15,000 miles.  And when you do get it, it’s covered.

I’ll just have to drive the 2001 GMC Yukon XL for a few days.  I like it.  But, the mileage is 18 on a good day.  It’s as smooth as a….well….truck.  It no longer smells good after all of those juice packs that have been spilled.  Hmmmmm.  BUT, it’s paid for.

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