More Cameras


I had to recently purchase another digital SLR.  My wife and I have to take pictures for the many sports and music events surrounding our kids.  As I was headed to Germany a couple of weeks ago, I purchased a Nikon D80 to go with my Nikon D50.  I’ve been very let down at the picture quality under many low light conditions.  Seems the flash is always off and thus lots of darkness.  I’m going to send it back and have it replaced.  But, it’s a Nikon.  Should be good all the time.

I also had saw my camcorder die a few weeks ago. I bought it 4 years ago.  It should have lasted longer.  It was a Sony MiniDV camera.  I figured I’d go to flash or to a hard drive.  But, in both of these cases, the resulting media isn’t compatible with a Mac.  Can you believe that?  Sony gear can’t easily dump a file to iMovie on a Mac.  So, I bought an HD camera that still writes to MiniDV tape.  Not ideal but good.

Of course, I’m poorer.  I would rather have stayed with what I had.  Are we going back to updating because we have to instead of wanting to?  Have the technology companies let us down? 

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