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IphoneHave you seen the Apple iPhone yet?  I really want one.  It’s almost the perfect phone.  For 2 years now I’ve been a Mac user (home and work).  And I’ve had a 40GB iPod for the same time.  But, for a phone, the Blackberry has been the best out there.  I tried the Nokia E61 but it’s WiFi and SIP capabilities are just not there.  The iPhones seems be almost all there.  Except one thing.  You can’t put your own apps on the phone/device.  Which means I can’t get a SIP client until either Apple/Cingular make one available (not likely as Cingular isn’t going to encourage VOIP) or until a newer version hits the market in Europe or Asia (a while out) that will allow this.  I want to make SIP/internet calls when connected via WiFi and mobile calls otherwise.  Still a pipe dream.  Plus, I don’t plan to move from T-Mobile to Cingular.  Cingular has less coverage and is more expensive.

Jawbone_1I did though buy a new Bluetooth headset today for my wife.  It’s from Jawbone (  My friend Scott purchased one and it works as advertised.  It eliminates all outside noise and allows not only you but as well the person on the other side of the line to have a nice, clear phone call.  You can only buy this at a Cingular (corporate) store.  How the heck is Cingular (now AT&T) getting great hookups with these vendors?


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