Time Is Short


I have been busy since last fall.  My mother, Judy B. Youngblood, started to slow down in August of last year.  She wouldn’t answer her phone as she spent most of her time sleeping.  And when I could get in touch with her, she sounded “loopy”.  I tried and tried to get her to Alpharetta, GA (from Florida) for Thanksgiving.  She was just too tired.  By early December, my brother and I decided she needed to be rushed to the hospital.  However, she stayed for 2 days and then insisted on leaving.  Then again in early January, she had lost lots of weight and couldn’t hold a conversation.  Back to the hospital.

The growth on her kidney, found in early December, had grown and was causing her real problems.  She hadn’t eaten much since early November and was showing many other problems.  Long story short, she passed away on February 24, 2022.  I’m still having a hard time coming to grips with losing her.  We were close

We held her service this past Saturday (March 5, 2022) and played the video below giving her many friends insight into her life, from childhood to a very senior citizen.  I hope this inspires those who watch it to make the call to parent or even a grandparent even if just to say “hey”.  Time is very short.

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